Gay Rights and Legal Obstacles 8

To some extent the legal obstacles were already covered in all the previous articles I wrote about gay rights and obstacles. The legal obstacles are the same as the issues concerning same-sex marriage-acts, financial benefits for married couples, no discrimination laws, etc. Although there are many discriminate laws against LGBT people around the globe, there are also a positive movement to grant more protection for the gay community. One of these positive movements is the proposed International Human Rights Defence Act that was introduced by Senator Ed Markey and is being debated at this very moment. This act asks for a high-level post at the US Department of State to address violence and discrimination against LGBT members worldwide.

That is but the newest example of a movement trying to destroy the many obstacles in the lives of gay people. Throughout the world countries are debating whether same-sex marriages should be legalised and in many countries it seems as if it is only a question of time before it is legalised.

Unfortunately the opposite is also true. More than 40 % of the member countries of the UN still propagate homophobia and have discriminating laws against the LGBT community. There is still an increase in violent behavior against gay people across the globe. In 2013 both Uganda and Nigeria adopted more discriminating laws against lgbt persons and anybody that support them. Although the US proposed to cut funding to countries with anti-homosexual laws, the US itself still have a long way to go in convincing its own residents of the wrongful nature of homophobia. As an example, most of the US states still doesn’t allow same-sex marriages.

The legal rights of the LGBT community differs considerably from country to country, but while only 14 UN countries allow same-sex marriages it should be clear that there still lies a long walk to freedom before us. As a citizen of South Africa I realise that many people believe we are on the forefront of legal rights and yet the law and people attitudes doesn’t always meet. Many South African politicians, including the current president of South Africa, made public homophobic statements in the past that shows that our race is far from over.

Homophobia isn’t only condoned by most governments in the world, it is written amongst their laws. Even in the 14 gay-free countries laws against discrimination aren’t always followed by the law enforces. As an example there are still many homophobic actions done by law enforcement in South Africa. Complaints about these actions aren’t always taken seriously. It is senseless to have anti-discrimination laws if they aren’t enforced.

Child Custody – Learn to Speak the Language – 9 Legal Terms You Should Know

As soon as you enter the world of the child custody battle, you realize there is an entirely new set of words that you need to add to your vocabulary. There is nothing worse than heading off to your attorney’s office or to court for the first time and feeling like a foreigner in a foreign land. Once you realize that your child’s welfare will likely be dependent on your ability to speak the language, or at least understand the language, it can be nearly overwhelming.

Family Court. Family Court is one of many types of court. Most of us are familiar with Traffic Court Criminal Court, and Civil Court, but Family Court is where the process of deciding how the child will spend their time and who will be responsible for what in their lives.

Child Support Court. Child Support Court is not separated in each jurisdiction, but it can be. This is the court where parents handle the financial aspects as they change through time.

Legal Custody. Legal Custody is the right to make legal decisions for the child. Decisions like where the child goes to school, what religion they are raised in, which doctor they see are all rights that go along with the assignment of Legal Custody.

Joint Legal Custody means that both parents have equal rights to the above.
Sole Legal Custody means that only one parent has the rights to the above.

Physical Custody. Physical Custody is the right that gives the parents the right to have the child live with them.

Joint Physical Custody means that both parents have equal rights to the child living with them.
Sole Physical Custody means that only one parent has the rights to the child living with them.

Mediation. Mediation is the parties working with a neutral third party to work out as many details as possible.

Evaluation. Evaluation (sometimes known as Arbitration) is a neutral third party that interviews all of the parties and issues a report that if adopted becomes the Child Custody Agreement. This process is normally $2000-$5000 dollars and is normally paid for equally by both parties.

Child Custody Agreement. The Child Custody Agreement contains all of the elements that were negotiated through the custody process. Each agreement is individualized to meet the needs of the family involved. Some of the common elements included are:

· Specification of Legal Custody (covered above)
· Specification of Physical Custody (covered above)
· Visitation schedule (Sets the specific times and days, includes who picks-up and drops-off)
· Holiday schedule (Sets the holiday rotation for who gets the child in which year)
· Vacation schedule ( Sets the rules for who when vacation will begin and end and who will pick the specific days each year)
· Stipulations (Items that are important to the parties may also be included here)

Court Order. The Court Order is the Child Custody Agreement being adopted by the Court. The Judge orders it to become the Order)

Contempt of Court. Contempt of Court is the enforcement aspect of a (Child Custody) Court Order. If the Court Order is not followed a Contempt of Court motion can be filed and heard by the judge. Only the Judge can enforce such a penalty. This is a civil matter and your only real enforcement is going back to court.

Law Enforcement Perspective on Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

Technological boundaries have become non-existent across the landscape of consumer banking. Financial institutions continue to properly manage risk while attempting to maintain and attract customers in a very competitive consumer banking environment. The technological cultural shift has integrated electronic devices into the ability to effectively and efficiently function in our society, but not without a cost. As the distance between the consumer and the teller frontline has increased the potential for financial fraud corresponds.

As financial fraud evolves Law Enforcement must strive to stay ahead of the fraudulent schemes and respond with proper investigation techniques and prosecutorial strategies. For the past several years Remote Deposit Capture(RDC) has provided efficiency and lowered cost for both commercial banking customers and their financial institutions. Financial Institutions have expanded this technological trend and rolled out a convenient product for personal banking clients known as Mobile Remote Deposit Capture(MRDC).

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture is implemented through a software application used on a smartphone, tablet or a personal computer. The common method of remote deposit is for a customer to authenticate their identity, key in certain transaction data, capture a digital image of an endorsed financial check on their device that generates an Image Replacement Document or substitute check. The customer is then prompted to submit the substitute check and the bank receives the transaction as a valid financial deposit. The oversimplified model just described generalizes many factors that encompass the RDC process. One factor about MRDC that can quickly be determined is that this electronic transaction is ripe with fraud.

Proactive Perspective

A proactive approach to prevent MRDC fraud will appropriately mitigate risk and lower the potential for monetary loss. Below is a brief list of several proactive protocols designed to secure MRDC:

Multifactor Authentication methods that are more strict than guidelines suggested by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) and FDIC for online banking
Securing data transmissions
Layered IT Security
Collecting IP data and electronic device identifiers for an authorized user while using software filters to identify threatening anomalies, such as IP data collected from a unusual geographical area for the consumers CRM data or an electronic device identifier that has not been approved through a strict user authentication process. Electronic data is captured upon the submission of the deposit.
Customer Due Diligence and Suitability
Vendor Due Diligence and Suitability
DO NOT allow brand new account holders to utilize MRDC
Customer agreements specifically designed for MRDC

Prosecutorial Strategy

The ability to successfully prosecute MRDC fraud would be very favorable for law enforcement agencies in a simple straightforward scenario, but near impossible for an elaborate scheme.

The simple straightforward scenario exists when a bank customer who has been legally conducting business decides to deposit a forged or counterfeit check. Law Enforcement can clearly articulate that the criminal had intent to implement a scheme to collect funds from a fraudulent check. Given the history of the account relationship, probable cause exists that the bank customer benefited from the scheme. The ability to identify a suspect will increase the likelihood of collecting physical evidence such as the original physical check, electronic forensic examination of device and a possible verbal admission from the suspect.

In order to successfully prosecute the simple straightforward scenario Law Enforcement Agencies must consider the following elements:

Customer Identifiers
Establish a historical relationship with customers of legit banking activity or MRDC activity
Account statement reflecting the fraudulent transaction
Image of the submitted substitute check
Electronic data collected from the MRDC application, this might include IP data, geographical locations and unique electronic device identifiers

In contrast with a very simple scenario, an elaborate scheme would be near impossible to prosecute. An elaborate scheme would involve the implementation of non-traceable smartphones, use of anonymous IP proxies, layered money cards and stolen identities to just name a few tools. However, through a properly structured MRDC program with strict security protocols these tools of fraud would be near impossible to implement. The largest threat for monetary loss in a MRDC program are new accounts. Implementing a probationary period of time for new customers to prove their legitimacy would be most beneficial to financial institutions.

Practical and Helpful Tips: Flooring

All That You Need to Know When Looking for a Good Building Supplies Company

When it comes to home renovations, there are different ways in which the owners accomplish this. There are those that like undertaking these projects by themselves and there are also others that contract the services of professionals. Among the renovation projects that you can undertake is a tiling project and here you can decide to hire the services of a tiling company. For a tiling project to be possible, then you will need to find a company which provides tiles. There are different types of tiles that tiles company sells because they are a tile supplier and as a homeowner, you will, therefore, need to the ones that you want so that you can select the best. If you want the right tiles for your renovation project; then you need to think about getting the right supplier.

One of the first things that you need to do when searching for the right tiles supplier is to inquire about the samples. There are many homeowners who are keen about the color of tiles that they want to purchase, and that is why real samples are necessary instead of relying on the images that have been provided. When you get to check out on these tiles by yourself, you will not only be confirming the colors, but you will also get to feel the texture. Another thing that you will need to find out from the tiles supplier is the period that they have been in the industry, and that is what is referred to as experience. A good tiles supplier should have been in the industry for a long time, and that would mean they understand what their clients want.

You should find out which services are being offered by the provider since there are some that have a broader scope. You will find out that there are those tile suppliers that can provide you with more services such as installation services. The tiles supplier should also provide you with more information about the tiles that are available since tiles are for various grades and purposes. There is vast knowledge that tiles suppliers have, and that plays a crucial role when you want to know which types of tiles that you will use for your renovation project.

You can always ask for recommendations from your friends and family because they are some of the people that will provide you with reliable answers. The use of the online platform to find out which are those companies that provide tiles is a good idea because there are many of them that have established themselves here. You will be required to go through all the feedback that previous customers have provided, and this will make it easier for making an informed decision.

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Advantages of Buying a Trusted Sales Management Software

You will find it beneficial to equip your sales team with skills on how to effectively make more sales for your products and services on the digital networks. Also, it is essential to ensure that you enhance the skills that are imparted on your sales team so that to make the most out of the digital buying process, by providing them with various sales technological systems. It is therefore highly recommended for you to invest in a reputable sales management software in your business, because you are going to enjoy many benefits. This article is going to provide you with more information about some of the top reasons why you should invest in a reputable sales management software.

It is beneficial to use the best sales management software is that youre going to be provided with a wide selection of features. The advantage of using a reputable sales management software is that it is going to help your sales team in improving contact with customers, lead management and also in sales forecasting. By using the software that is going to offer you a wide variety of features, it means that youre going to be more competitive in your selling process and this will lead to increased profits. In addition, a sales management software with a variety of features will offer you a lot of convenience since you will access all the features that you need on a single platform.

The other best reason why it is important to invest in a reputable sales management software is that youre going to be offered affordable prices. While you will be comparing the prices offered by different companies for their sales management software, you will realize that the prices vary. You will find it to be beneficial to use the sales management software that is offered at the most affordable prices in the market because this will lead to minimize costs and you will therefore save a huge amount of money.

The other top benefit of using the best sales management software is that youre going to be assured of high-quality features. The advantage of using a reputable sales management software with high-quality features is that youre going to experience better performance in your sales tasks and your employees are also going to be motivated. Ensure that you check out this link if you want to invest in a sales management software with high-quality features. To learn more about the other top advantages of buying a trusted sales management software, check out this page.

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The Key Elements of Great Development

The Essentials of Windows – 101

Things to Consider When Selecting Windows and Doors Replacement Company.

You need to bear it in mind that there are so many companies that may be offering the windows and doors replacement services but not all of them that can be able to meet the quality standards that you might be looking for. What is important is to ensure that the company that you go for will be able to meet all your needs so that you can get the satisfaction that you might have been looking for a long time.

Below are the things to consider when selecting windows and doors replacement company. Consider the costs that you will have to incur working with the windows and doors replacement company, what you need to know is that different companies have different charges and its upon you to find a good company that will not take much of your money. When you are looking for the right company to work with ensuring that you find one that will be able to give you better services and at the same time charge you a reasonable amount of money.

You find that a company that is more experienced is in a better position to do a great job t than the one that is a new one into the field. During the selection process ensures that you are able to find a company that will be able to meet quality standards in any work assigned to it.

Not many companies that you may find giving you the quality of services as you may need them. Any company that is willing to have a long term relationship with the customer ensures that it is able to give satisfactory services that will make the client happy and remain royal. Let the company you choose to have a reliable telephone number, email address or a website where you can be able to communicate and set how to work in an effective way.

By having a license is an indication that a company has complied with all the legal requirement as required by the law. Work with the company that have good reputation that is to mean its a company that you can trust and build your confidence with, you find that it is so easy to trust a company that is reliable and one that is able to do most of its operations in a transparent and credible way. Through online reviews there is so many information that you can be able to gather about the company and this can enable you to make the right decision, Some of the past clients can help you to know if the replacement company that you are about to choose has better performance and whether it stands out to have a good name even in the community around. Most of the time you find that the people who are near you will always lead you well to get the right company that will serve you best.

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Tips for Choosing a Public Insurance Policy

Running a business comes with many risks. Accidents happen a lot of time and most of them can’t be foreseen. You run the risk of injuring a client or damaging property when running a business. In case this happens, you are at risk of being sued and being found liable for negligence. Public liability insurance policies are important because of this. You are covered in case such a suit arises. Insurance policies are not similar. It is essential to ensure that you are well-informed about insurance policies before choosing one. Insurance policies are made to fit different kinds of business. It is, however, important to be well-informed on the policy you are getting for your business. Everything about the policy will be known from reading the fine print. Here are a few factors to put into consideration when selecting a policy.

It is essential that your policy covers all the activities of your business. As mentioned earlier, public liability insurance policies often differ. Insurance company offer a different kind of policies and you will often find that the policies differ from firm to firm. Insurance policies are tailored to match different kinds of business, however, they may not adequately cover your business needs. Ensure that proper evaluation of the policy is done before you choose it. Policies differ in terms of the level of cover. Risks vary from one type of business to another. A high-risk level policy will have higher premiums. Don’t choose a policy by considering cost only. However, ensure that your level of risk is what determines the premium level you go for.

Ensure you know the minimum requirements for your type of business. Public liability insurance policies have become an essential part of operating a business in that you can’t operate without one. There is a minimum requirement that must be met legally and also in accordance with the policies of professional bodies. It is important to know about this before applying for one. For every business, it is always important to save on cost. You can’t compromise on your level of cover just to save on cost. This is what makes quotes important. They will help you ensure you know where you can get maximum cover at an affordable price.

Ensuring that you put measures in place to make your business safer is important. You should reduce the risk of accidents occurring by taking preventative measures. Consider these factors when choosing a public liability insurance policy for your business.

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What Almost No One Knows About Rehab

Finding The Best Rehab Center

Rehab centers are very efficient in helping people deal with drug addiction, and for anyone looking to get over with drug addiction they should join a rehab. Attending a drug addiction facility is the best option to recover, this is because they have the required elements to assist in that process. There are those rehab centers that deals with specific addiction while there are others that deal with general addictions, people should check this before enrolling in one.

It is also good to see that the rehab center is licensed, this is great because you will be sure to get good treatment. Rehab centers have inpatient and outpatient treatments, and they also offer behavioral therapies and give medication too. Rehab centers offer motivational talks, multi-dimensional therapy for family and also cognitive therapy which are some of the behavioral therapies.

In order to improve the addicts health, the facility tries to improve the overall family performance through the use of multi-dimensional therapy for family. Motivational talks helps to boost your willingness to be better and help you be able to get into the rehab center and get the treatment that you require. There is also cognitive therapy is also used to help the patient avoid and deal with any issues that may cause them to worsen their conditions.

One very important program is the detoxification program, this is very crucial stage of the drug addiction stage and a good rehab should have the program. In drug addiction the body becomes dependent to certain drugs that a person is taking, and detoxification helps one get rid of all these harmful drugs in the body. After stopping the use of drugs one experiences some withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, anger, insomnia and also dizziness and the rehab center should be able to provide drugs to help you with this conditions.

Before enrolling in a rehab facility it is important for a person to take a tour of it and see the condition of that rehab center. You will also be able to know how well patients are treated in the facility if you first get to know the staff. A good drug addiction facility should have enough space to accommodate more people, and the employees should be highly qualified and experienced.

Getting an addiction treatment facility that is affordable is a great thing, but it should also be able to provide you with the treatment that you require professionally. People should exercise a lot of discipline after coming out of rehab in order to avoid going back to where they started. As I finish, people need to know that a large percentage of people who visit good rehab centers get success in stopping completely, this is because the rehab center has great treatment programs.

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A Brief History of Bread

Quick Guide When Buying Healthy Bread

Everyone loves bread since they can help you whip up a fast and healthy meal in no time. It is important to however know what you are looking for when it comes to buying healthy. Below are some of the things that you need to consider when buying healthy bread.

One of the things that you need to consider when buying healthy bread is looking at the kind of flour that it has been made from. Avoid bread that has been made from refined flours since they are are not as healthy as they seem. Instead, go for whole wheat flours since you are sure that they are packed with healthy nutrients that are great for your health.

When looking for bread, it is also very important to ensure that you check the ingredients as well so that you can know what constitutes the bread. Ensure that you are staying away from bread that has chemicals, fillers and any kind of preservatives. If possible, go for freshly baked bread since you are sure that it will not have any chemicals that could otherwise be harmful to your body.

Apart from chemicals, make sure that you look out for things like salts, sugar and hydrogenated fats that may be in the bread. Make sure that the amount of sugar in the bread does not exceed the normal requirements. It is important to ensure that the bread does not have hydrogenated fats and that natural slats are used.

If you are keen on healthy bread, it is also important to know things like fermentation time of the bread since healthier bread have a longer fermentation time. Ensure that you ask the baker the kind of processes that have been used on the bread. If the bakers have used the wild starter process then you are sure that this is something that they will gladly share with you since it is a highly prized process.

Make sure that you are keen on what you see as well when buying bread. Bread that has grains inside as well as on top are bound to be healthier. Make sure that you are able to look at if the grains of the bread has been dispersed.

Another consideration that you can look into when buying healthy bread is by checking how it compresses. With healthy bred, you are sure that they are quite dense and that they will not collapse easily. Having very soft and fluffy bread can easily mean that the bread you have is full of chemicals and it is best to stay away from such bread.

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3 Rentals Tips from Someone With Experience

Things To Bear In Mind When Searching For Rental Homes.

There are several develops that have been advanced in the real estate. These are caused by the demand of homes from the many people that are in the world. Not all people can live in their own home because of various reasons. There are instances that people need to rent apartments. Different reasons render people to live in a rented home. Schooling in a different region far from home. There are also people that are still saving before they can own their apartments. This are some of the reasons why people live in rented apartments.

Because of the high demand of apartments, there are very many investors that have constructed rental homes. As a result to be to find a good home it is important to contemplate on various things. The most important things to bear in mind is the size of the house that one is looking. This is the most important aspect, considering the size of the family that one has it is good to find an apartment that has the number of rooms that one needs. The other thing that one should bear in mind is the place where the houses are situated. The apartment should be located in an area that is proximal to the towns and cities. The homes should be situated close to places where the individuals go every day, like school or place of work. The third thing to bear in mind is the amenities that are available in the homes. These include schools if at you have kids, the place should also be close to shopping malls. It should also be close to hospitals, this is necessary in case of emergencies. The means of transportation in the area should be in good shape. The apartments should also be within the vicinity of entertainment joints like movie houses.

The fourth things that people should consider before renting an apartment is the policies of the flats. Policies list the things that are mandatory in the homes. There are apartments that do not allow people to keep pets. It is essential to rent homes that have paramount safety. It is important to consider whether the homes have people that are employed to ensure there is security all through the day. It is essential to find a home that has patios. It is essential to live in a home that one has the opportunity to enjoy fresh, natural air. For these reasons it is good to live in a home that has patios and pools. The other essential thing that one should bear in mind is the sanitation of the homes. Public amenities like patios, swimming pools or pavements should be cleaned regularly. Lastly it is essential to check at the cost of the apartments, The price should be equivalent to the flats.

Lessons Learned About Properties

Lessons Learned About Properties